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Thrive Inclusiveness, Innovation & Equality for all, regardless of the gender, age or religion across all fields 


I am indeed a teenager experiencing dyslexia and I am proud of it.

Growing up, in primary school, I didn't know how to read until the 2nd grade, I always used to get confused in words with similar pronunciation or spelling- like witch and which or between letters such as b and d. Even today, as a high-school student, I often get confused between words, terminologies, also directions.


I want inclusiveness to thrive in our society because Dyslexia is not the disability to think smartly, it's the ability to think creatively, innovatively and differently also considering people with determination who are genius in their own way. Empowering people with determination will both spread inclusiveness and will help in the growth of the country.


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Innovation is an essential part of my life. Innovation is me and spreading innovation is really essential in today's world. Innovation is everywhere, in schools, offices, hospital, literally everywhere. Innovation is the driving force of the growth of the economy in any country and spreading innovation in today's world for people across all ages is really essential and that is my transformative purpose. 




For decades people are getting discriminated on the basis of their gender, whether be it a girl or a person from the LGBTQ+ community. According to the UN, it will take the world 111 years to bridge the gap between men and women and more 200 years between people who are straight and who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. As a global citizen, it is my duty to help our planet earth to gain equality for all genders in all fields as soon as possible with the help of inclusiveness and innovation, the journey towards gender equality would be exponential. 

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