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The Path of Success VS The Path of Growth

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

People drop out of school, ambitious and the mover and shaker become successful. On the flip side, the majority, live a life of a lie, where they constantly believe that 'success' is for the 'gifted' ones. But here is a truth about success, success is for everyone, be it rich or poor, straight or someone from the LGBTQ+ community, young or old, 'gifted' or 'cursed'. However, there are also a majority of people who devote their life running behind success.

Being successful is least caring about 'How to become successful', and more about the impact your footprint is creating on the ecosystem.

Had Einstein run behind success and fame, he would rather, be among the failed scientist than being 'The Einstein'. Success is momentary. If you chase behind success and fail multiple times, you will get demotivated and eventually drop the idea of achieving your goal altogether before becoming hypothetically 'successful'. Again, success is short term, today you might be successful and tomorrow broke, failure, bankrupt. Einstein didn't sprint towards success, he failed 99 times before attaining successful results on his research. Einstein did become successful, but he did not aim at success, rather, he focused on finding a sustainable solution.

So, if not success then what should one follow?

The answer is simple, 'Growth'.

Can a tree grow back to a plant?

Of course not, similarly, growth, is in a way irreversible. Growth is everlasting, and it creates a much larger impact than the path of success. Though in the path of growth, attaining your goal might take a long time but in the end, it's worth it.


While looking at growth, it is fundamental to understand that it is a result of decision and actions which doesn't necessarily, like in the path of success, need to have an immediate result.

In no way, I am saying that success is bad. Success is essential for becoming successful in life. However, to become a successful person, it's essential to choose your path wisely. The path where you either follow success or the path where of growth.

In the path of success, if you fail, your journey will be defined by your failure. In this manner, after trying for a couple of time, you might eventually give up.

On the flip side of the coin, in the path of growth, when you fail, your growth overpowers failure. Even if you fail, you always end up gaining something more valuable. In simpler terms, in the path of growth you never really fail. Failure like success is momentary. With a growth mindset, you know that even if you lost, you gained something out of it. You know that the person you were at the start of the journey and the person you are standing on the hump is different because you have grown in life. You have evolved, and you are better than yesterday!

I would like to leave you with this question, "Do you want to spend your entire life running behind success, or, do you want to grow in life and let success run behind you?"


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