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GITEX Future Stars 2019

"I am 16, and don't let my age fool you. I am here to wow and empower you!"- Aastha Das

Aastha Das is a 16-year-old Odia, serial entrepreneur, innovator and the founder and CEO of SHERO living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

SHERO is an early-stage startup founded by Aastha Das, she has competed against 50,000 students and come out on top! Aastha presented in San Francisco this August in the Singularity Global Summit. Moved by child rapes and molestation of women, SHERO is a wearable "fashionable" bracelet that acts as security for women. It has a built-in low-voltage taser, GPS tracker and sends SOS signals to guardians. SHERO also has an app which acts as a community and resource centre for victims of abuse to find support, guidance and understanding.

"On 9th October 2019, Aastha won the Best Gen-Z Startup award (and USD 10,000!!) in the region’s biggest startup pitch competition, for her project ‘SHERO’. Her concept of a self-protection ring, aiming to tackle violence against women impressed the judges as it involved the effective application of technology and scientific knowledge, combined with a sense of community welfare. Her previous accolades include winning the Global Innovation Challenge 2019; and having witnessed her journey, we at NMS know that the young 'edupreneur' wouldn’t have settled for anything less.

We’re super proud of Aastha - She inspires us!" quoted Ms.Fatima Martin, the principal of GEMS New Millennium School in Dubai.

"Fantastic achievement from the team! Congratulations on building even further on your success at the SU Summit. You will be an inspiration for others as we launch the next Global Innovation Challenge with 60,000 students in our GEMS network this week." tweeted Mick Gernon, the chief of education officer at GEMS education.

Aastha winning the Best GEN-Z Startup Award

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